Holland Expat Services
Drs Karin Menk

Derde Morgendreef 9
5233 NJ 's Hertogenbosch
The Netherlands

+31 (0)644056064

List of expat services

What can we do for the expat and his family?

  • Help them develop a realistic picture of what it means to live and work in Holland.
  • Applying for all the necessary permits and the BSN.
  • Registration at the Municipality.
  • Assist in finding a new home and schools for the children.
  • Applying for the 30% Tax Rule.
  • Help to become a member of a sports club, to find the right religious community and a teacher for music lessons.
  • Help to open a bank account, to obtain the right insurance.
  • Installation of utilities i.e. telephone, Internet.
  • Find a nanny, a cleaning lady, a gardener, a GP and a dentist.
  • Help to buy or lease a car or registration of a foreign car.
  • Exchanging the foreign drivers license.
  • Learn to find the way around in the new home town en the Netherlands.

And what else the expat needs to get settled and to feel at home!

What information can we provide?

  • Basics about the Dutch culture, habits, do’s and don’ts.
  • What are the famous Dutch tourist sites and the hidden gems of the South of Holland.
  • How to cook Dutch specialties and where to eat out.
  • Fun things to do with or without kids.
  • What to watch out for (crime, oak processionary caterpillar, diseases like Q fever).
  • How to meet other expats and Dutch people.

We make the expat feel at home