Holland Expat Services
Drs Karin Menk

Derde Morgendreef 9
5233 NJ 's Hertogenbosch
The Netherlands

+31 (0)644056064

About Holland Expat Services

What do we do?
Holland Expat Services helps the expat and his or her family to get settled in Holland.
A lot of things need to be organized when settling in a new country. We assist in arranging all the practical matters. Think of permits, registration, BSN, 30% Tax Rule, housing, schools and much more. We support expats and their family to get acquainted with the Dutch habits and we help them to find their way around. Holland Expat Services welcomes your expat and makes the expat and his family feel at home! We make Holland a home away from home!

Because a good preparation is essential for the removal to succeed, we also offer pre assignment care. We can do an assessment of the suitability of the expat or foreign employee and his family for the assignment abroad. We can prepare them for the removal by checking the reality of their expectations.

Who are we?
Holland Expat Services is a highly professional organization with its roots in the South of Holland. Holland Expat Services is founded by Karin Menk. She is an experienced manager and consultant.
All the staff of Holland Expat Services has extensive international experience. They have been living and working in a foreign culture. They also know their way around in the South of Holland. Our staff members are creative and flexible and will always find a way to meet the needs of your expat and his family.


Expat Center Brabant has been established to stimulate a fast and easy integration for expats in Brabant. They do this by offering combined procedures for registration with the municipality and receiving your residence card or permit from the Immigration and Naturalisation Service. To better assist expats with services they may need when preparing to come to The Netherlands and during the first months after arrival, Expat Center Brabant has a Partnership Program with private service providers. They create a reliable network of service providers to redirect to.

For more information see the website: expatcenterbrabant and expatguideholland


We make the expat feel at home