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Holland Expat Services

  • Personal relocation services for the expatriate and his family.
  • We do whatever it takes to make the expatriate feel at home.

Holland Expat Services helps the expat and his or her family to get settled in Holland. We arrange all the practical issues like permits, housing, registration. We support expats and their family to get acquainted with the Dutch habits and we help them to find their way around.

Our service starts before relocation. We offer pre assignment assessments and preparation sessions for the expat and family. We check their expectations and inform them about what they can expect. We answer their questions. Preparation for the positive challenge in Holland is part of our service. After welcoming the expat and his family upon arrival we support them de first period of their stay.

In the recruitment process the focus is mainly on the suitability of the expat for the new job. The suitability of the family as a whole for the challenge abroad is often not investigated. By preparing for the move of the new employee many companies ensure that housing is arranged and that all necessary permits are in order. This is an important step in ensuring a good start for the expatriate. But on a practical and personal level, there are many smaller, but not less important matters

Usually the first three months after moving to a new country are very stressful. The expat has a new job, lives in a new country, experiences a new culture and has lots of things to take care of. Experience shows that a thorough preparation, realistic expectations are critical success factors for the assignment. Besides that a smooth first three months are also crucial. A happy family and a minimum of practical hassles are the best guarantee for the expat to succeed in his or her new job.
The expat and his family do not speak Dutch in 99% of the cases. Although many Dutch people speak English, the language of the written media and on the Internet is still Dutch. This means that the information is hardly accessible for expats.

Holland Expat Services specializes in preparing expats and foreign employees for the challenge abroad. We support them in arranging all practical and personal issues. We ensure that the expat, foreign employee and his family feel welcome and at home.
Holland Expat Services is a highly professional organization with its roots in the South of Holland. We have extensive international experience and an excellent network in this area; Noord-Brabant en Limburg.

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"Considering the additional cost of an expat assignment employers should also focus on the pre assignment assessment and preparation of the expat family. The social impact on the expat family of living and working in a foreign culture is often underestimated an does not get the attention it deserves."

Bart Reintjes, Manager Human Resources International Financial Industry.



We make the expat feel at home